The Model Maker Group: where technology and human handiwork comes together

Written by Laura Nicholls

Almost everything in the superyacht industry is encompassed by state-of-the-art technology - but technology can never replace the human touch. Despite the pressures that high-tech technology imposes on skilled human handiwork, the world’s smallest shipyard, the Model Maker Group, continue to create nautical scale prototypes of the world’s superyacht fleet in their model making premises in Itri, Italy.  

MMG's model yachtIn boutique shipyard style, the Model Maker Group have 14 expert artisans who provide each and every model with the human touch required to make the perfect superyacht model. The steps taken to ensure that each new project is a success all involve the client. The initial designs could be to create anything from superyacht replicas, refits or repairs, and are seen to by a team of designers who begin sketching designs with paper and pen to include every idea and vision of the client. 

MMG's model yachtSketches are turned into sculptures as the Model Maker production team utilise rapid prototype machines to efficiently construct and shape the models. As the company continues to invest in new technologies at their facility, the production capabilities and quality of Model Maker remain superior in the industry. The ability to harness the benefits of technology to coincide with the rituals of working hand-in-glove to create their models is something Model Maker prides themselves on. The proof is in the finishing and final detailing stages - whereby everything from the main structures to the miniatures of the smallest accessories is customised and finished by hand. 

MMG's model yachtThis process usually takes a minimum of two months and will finish when the superyacht scale-model is transported to their new home and is set-up perfectly ready for show. Over 250 projects are completed every year - the majority of which can be seen at world-renowned boat shows and trade fairs and will already be a confidential work-in-progress. 

Model of Artefact yachtPhoto: Tom van OossanenThe scale superyacht prototypes from the Model Maker Group are an invaluable support to any shipyard’s marketing and sales processes and can have sentimental value to prospective or experienced owners. To find out more about the work of Model Maker Group, make an enquiry today using the details below.  

Model of Artefact yachtPhoto: Tom van Oossanen



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