The new 2008 Edmiston charter directory

The yacht charter brochure with the ‘wow factor’ gets even better this year as the boats are grouped into categories rather than listed by length – the first time any brokerage company has done this and not the first time that Edmiston & Company has been first…

The Need for Speed, Family Yachts, Deck Space, Latest Launches (many Edmiston projects) and Location Yachts are just a sample of the way that clients choose their yachts and now there is a new way of getting focused.

As well as a taste of what goes into making a Michelin-star meal aboard a yacht features touch on shopping for thongs in the throngs of St Tropez and an interview with Liz Hurley.

The photography is, as ever, so sharp and colourful that you can easily imagine being aboard a yacht, perhaps enjoying a massage overlooking your favourite bay, the waves lapping alongside the private ‘beach club’.

Plenty of inspiration for itineraries on every page so enjoy the thrill and make your choice… before somebody else does!



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