The Perini Navi Group at the Monaco and Fort Lauderdale yacht shows

The Perini Navi Group is inaugurating the boat shows season at the Monaco Yacht Show (September 21-24) with the world premier of SY Fidelis, a 56m ketch, the tenth yacht in the 56m series and 51st yacht in the Groupโ€™s fleet. The Perini Navi Group will also present their 55m MY Galileo G, second motor yacht of the Vitruvius series built by their Picchiotti brand.

Their second date will be for the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, one of the international appointments most eagerly anticipated by yachtsmen, held this year from October 27th to 31st. Here the Perini Navi Group will be presenting SY P2, a 38m sloop from their Racing Line, and SY Antara, a 46m ketch.

In the year 2011 two contracts for a total value of over 70 million Euro have been signed, one for a sloop and one for a ketch from their new line of 60 metre yachts. Currently the Group has eight yachts between motor and sail in production, one 55m MY (to be consigned in 2011); one 45m SY (to be consigned in 2011); one 50m SY (to be consigned in 2012); one 40m SY (to be consigned in 2012); one 38m SY from the racing line (to be consigned in 2013); one 73m MY (to be consigned in 2013); one 60m ketch (to be consigned in 2013); one 60m sloop (to be consigned in 2014); another 60m ketch (to be consigned in 2014).

In the course of the year 2011, Fidelis โ€“ the tenth yacht in the series of 56m yachts โ€“ was consigned in June. That event was followed by the consignment of the 55m MY Galileo G, the second Vitruviusยฎ series yacht built by the Picchiotti brand. By the end of the summer the Group will have consigned a 45m sailing yacht, the fourth yacht in that series.

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