The recently delivered 54 metre superyacht Rahil

Delivered earlier this year, Rahil is a sistership to the Admiral 54 Sea Force One, which received great appreciation worldwide. Designed by Luca Dini and built by Mariotti Yachts, Rahil has a sleek and imposing silhouette. Three hydraulic doors, one on the main deck and two on the ownerโ€™s cabin, open up to create balconies.

Other distinctive characteristics of the 54 metre superyacht, seen here in Porto Montenegro, include the stern hatch which opens as a platform over the sea, and a huge sun deck, which, unlike her sistership, does not have a central mast structure, resulting in a much larger open deck.

Special attention has been paid to soundproofing and noise reduction. The two Caterpillar engines power Rahil up to 17.5 knots and she has a range of around 5,000 nautical miles at economical speeds.

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By Maarten Janssen



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