The Rossomare 115 superyacht by Vripack

Rossomare 115 is a family oriented superyacht concept created by naval architects Vripack. Designed to meet all wants and needs of a family, this superyacht will also insure safety and the ability to meet all climate conditions, as it will be equipped with sturdy straightforward equipment, allowing it to travel the distance.

“As with every new design and initial meetings the atmosphere is filled with creativity and questions and ideas sore around our big round table,” says designer Robin de Vries from Vripack’s Design Studio. “In this case the whole yacht is laid out around the bridge deck which at the aft is fully dedicated for the owner. When I asked him “do you want the Captain sleeping close to the helm station?” he burst out in laughter replied; yes, I do want to sleep close to the helm station. That the owner himself stands many hours behind the wheel is typical for a true family yacht.

Robin continues; “As the owner is attracted by a refined classical taste we gave the interior a couple öf special features. A central staircase leads all the way from the upper sundeck to the lower deck. Traditionally in the fore peak a fully equipped area is situated, suitable for six crew members. Untraditionally directly behind that we placed a full beam tender and toy bay which leads to a mid-ship dual engine room. Between the engine rooms a spacious corridor let you pass to the two guest state rooms where four guests are accommodated as well as a sauna. The guests have a private beach area popping out of the aft of the ship.”

As this is a Family yacht also all systems, equipment and outfitting are suitable designed by Vripack for such service. This yacht has no hodgepodge and is provided with sturdy equipment, straightforward and easy to handle. All equipment and systems will be able to encounter all types of climate conditions. Next to that the entire yacht is provided with back-up systems. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, a solution is always at hand.

Although canoe stern styled under water this motor yacht features a full beam transom round bilge modern displacement steel hull with transoceanic range and aluminium superstructure. She will be built up to Rina Class and Monaco Flag State requirements.

All in all; the Rossomare 115 is designed and engineered in a manner fit for her intended use so that she will be able to safely roam the seas, allowing the family and their guests to sail with smiles on their faces and stories for family get-to-getters.

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