The Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup 2014

29 teams of 8, from 11 different countries ranging from Brazil right through to Asia will take part in the Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup 2014, and Solar1 are already planning the next events, to take place in Dubai, Canada, Asia and the US.

The Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup 2014 (โ€œSolar1 Cupโ€) has been established to promote solar power technologies, innovation and sustainable energy alternatives to keep our oceans and environment clean and well as creating an exhilarating event to entice all types of publics. The Solar1 Cup provides teams from all over the world with the opportunity to compete and showcase their design, technological and sporting strengths in a world-class international solar-powered boat racing event.

What Solar1 aims to do to, is to tie solar power to something that moves with speed and to wrap solar around an exciting, competitive situation that is fun to watch.

Hosted by the world famous Yacht Club de Monaco, the Solar1 World Championship Solar Boat Race will taking place for the first time in conjunction with the launch of the new Yacht Club on Quai Louis II. In collaboration with Boat International, Solar1 shall be organising a super yacht program which shall be set up in prime visual areas of the race for reserved spectators which are still available to book. In addition Solar1 will be running a competition for the best solar boat design, with entries from all countries and sectors.

If the race is not enough! Solar1 shall also be holding a spectacular conference with speakers from different industries, who will be speaking on several different environmental and technical topics and even demonstrate some of their innovative products.

As this event is free and open to the public, Solar1 have arranged for several solar exhibitors to attend and display their new and exciting products for all to view in the solar village.




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