The stylish superyacht support vessel Phantom 24m

Arista Marine, a New Zealand based company that has its operational base in Croatia, has un veiled plans for the Phantom support vessel. The Phantom has taken the role of the SSV or shadow vessel, and given it a contemporary twist. With its 12 metre beam contributing to the 210 m.sq of deck storage area the phantom has the carrying capacity of a much larger mono-hull vessel.

Carrying the tenders and toys is just one of the support functions that the Phantom provides. The catamaran platform is very stable, and as such the vessel makes an ideal day boat. It is finely appointed with all the amenities of the best beach club.

The large open deck is close to the water so with its' wide swim stairs and transom ladders, access to the sea is easy and fun. This can be a great asset for family's, particularly those with young children. There is a small pool on the foredeck, with sufficient room to surround it with several luxurious sun loungers, and there is a small bar and galley for food and beverage preparation.

Cleared of the tenders and toys the aft deck of the Phantom can become a great venue, for BBQ's and parties. The deck has plenty of shade, and below decks there is an air-­‐conditioned lounge for guests wanting relief from the sun, and a day bed for those fancying an afternoon siesta.

Ideally suited for existing yachts without a large modern beach club transom the Phantom offers a means for guests to get more connected to the sea. More toys, more space and a large deck nearer to sealevel can only enhance the whole yachting experience. For owners embarking on a new build project the Phantom gives more freedom of design when agreeing space allocations. Internal volume dedicated to ever more technical tender garages can be kept to a sensible level if the yacht is set up to operate in conjunction with the Phantom catamaran SSV.

Operating a yacht with a support vessel has other advantages too. Additional owners team staff members such as beauticians, valet's and security staff can be accommodated on the supporting vessel, a big asset if the 'mother yacht' is classified for only twelve guests. Some owners see value in letting the crew go to the escorting vessel for a wellearned break away from the close confines and pressures of the main yacht.

The Phantom can be built to operate as an occasional helicopter landing pad. Many existing superyachts do not have a landing platform so the Phantom 'H' variant offers that capability at a very efficient price. For new builds, not having the helicopter onboard the main yacht makes for more simple construction and class issues, and most designers will be happy not to have to work an unsightly platform into the styling concept of the new yacht.

At the facility in Croatia, Arista Marine, have already completed a 72 metre superyacht and are currently completing the conversion of a 120 metre project.

Arista Marine Group
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