The superyacht tank coating that lasts a decade from CCS

Written by Laura Nicholls

Every superyacht is unique and requires detailed, if not custom, parts. For a superyacht to perform as intended, the shipyard must pay attention to every single detail and job, ensuring they are all professionally supervised. This means that there must be a close cooperation between the contractors and suppliers. If not, the owner will suffer in both time and money as a consequence. 

CCS tank coating Photo: CCS YachtsOne aspect of a superyacht that requires custom treatment and planning is the tank lining. Although some shipyards have significantly increased their attention to tank linings, tanks with serious coating problems, even after relatively short periods in service, still exist. Without a detailed analysis of the tank’s exposure conditions, and the correct application, tank coatings on superyachts will not perform as they’re intended to and will suffer from issues such as corrosion, solvent retention, cratering, flaking and pinholes. 

Making repairs to the tanks of a superyacht is a complicated process. Due to the location of the tanks, making paint repairs in tanks is messy. Hoses, sometimes 40cm in diameter, need to be led through the interior to the tanks, a process which can damage the fragile and luxurious interiors. Occasionally, the only way to gain access to the tank is to cut holes in the hull. 

CCS tank coating Photo: CCS YachtsA tank coating that is applied properly in potable water tanks should last ten years with only minor maintenance, however, in the superyacht industry, it is common that potable water tanks and grey water tanks only last a few years. Ensuring a professional supplier such as Coating Consultants for Superyachts (CCS) is supervising and inspecting the preparation and paint application phases and maintaining a close cooperation with the paint suppliers will guarantee optimum performance.

CCS recommends having the tanks inspected during the new-build and refit phases to prevent any premature issues, and having a CCS expert supervising the tanks will save time and money in the future. After two decades in the industry, CCS are able to help with surveying superyacht paint and assisting with new builds, refits or existing coating systems.



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