The three Benettis St David, Lionheart, and Andreas L outside Monaco

Written by Charl van Rooy

The three superyachts St David, Lionheart and Andreas L outside Monaco

Lining up outside the port of Monaco last summer were the three Benetti superyachts St David, Lionheart, and Andreas L. Each yachtโ€™s owner commissioned a unique designer, yet each of the yachts still retain a recognisable Benetti element. The 2008-built St David was designed by Winch Design and features a few distinct Winch design cues such as those large arches on the sundeck. The 90-metre Lionheart, launched last year, is the work of Stefano Natucci with the design pair at Green & Mingarelli Design behind her interior. Andreas Lโ€™s interior is a highly bespoke affair by the hands of Redman Whitely Dixon.



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