The top 10 largest sailing yachts in the world

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It has been some time since we took a closer look at the largest sailing yachts in the global superyacht fleet. With the 127-metre Oceanco Y721 entering the list for 2022, SYT takes another look at the top 10 largest sailing yachts in the world. You can also now check out our video on the topic here:

1. Sailing Yacht A (142.8-metres)Sailing Yacht A yachtNo super sailing yacht list would be complete without the mention of the ever-controversial and highly innovative 142.8-metre Sailing Yacht A. Officially classified as a sail-assisted motor yacht, Sailing Yacht A blends elements of both sailing and motor yacht designs, but due to those imposing 100-metre-high carbon fibres masts, makes the cut for our ‘largest sailing yachts in the world’ list. Built by Nobiskrug and delivered in 2017, Sailing Yacht A is not only the longest yacht on the list, but at 12,558 GT, is also five times larger in volume than the second yacht in this definitive list.

2. Oceanco Y721 (127-metres)Oceanco's 127m sailing yacht project Y721 on transport through The NetherlandsPhoto: Tom van OossanenAs the largest yacht to ever be launched from the Netherlands, the Y721 superyacht is impressive at 127-metres. Although details of the Y721 superyacht have been kept tightly under wraps since her sale in 2018, it is believed she is owned by an American tech entrepreneur. The secretive project was first unveiled in October 2021 when she was rolled out of the shed at Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands. The hull was built in parts and was assembled by Zwijnenburg at Oceanco’s Zwijndrecht shipyard, which Oceanco purchased in 2019.

3. Black Pearl (106.7-metres)Black Pearl sailing yacht by OceancoPhoto: Tom van OossanenDesigned and built to cross oceans under sail power alone, Black Pearl is widely considered as the official ‘largest sailing yacht in the world’ at 106-metres in length. Delivered to her owner in 2018 and built by the Oceanco shipyard in the Netherlands, Black Pearl, with her sophisticated energy-generation solar system and high-tech DynaRig setup by Dykstra Naval Architects, is one of the most advanced yachts of her kind and was developed by her boundary-pushing owner, together with a world-class design team.

4. EOS (92.92-metres) EOS yacht by Lürssen in US Virgin IslandsPhoto: AnoldentAt 93-metres, the 1,500 GRT three-masted schooner EOS is the world’s second-largest sailing yacht. She was launched by Lürssen Yachts in 2006 and has been operated since as one of the most private vessels in the world.

5. Athena (90-metres)Athena sailingPhoto: Franco PaceThe 90-metre super sailing yacht Athena was built by the Dutch Royal Huisman Shipyard in 2004. The superyacht’s exterior lines were designed by Pieter Beeldsnijder Design, with naval architecture by Dykstra Naval Architects and Pieter Beeldsnijder Design and an interior by Rebecca Bradley Interior Design. Athena is one of the largest sailing yachts launched since the 1930s, and with speeds reaching up to 19 knots, Athena can outrun most other sailing superyachts.

6. Maltese Falcon (88-metres)Maltese Falcon yacht sailing in Porto CervoPhoto: Merijn de Waard / SuperYacht TimesOne of the most iconic yachts of all time and certainly one of the most photographed in recent years, the revolutionary 88-metre Maltese Falcon is famed for her sophisticated automated square-rigged DynaRig sail plan. Three towering free-standing rotating carbon-fibre masts hold 25,800 square feet of canvas on 15 square sails delivering exceptional performance, speed and manoeuvrability. The yacht, built by Perini Navi, and designed in collaboration with her first owner Tom Perkins, was sold in August of 2009 to her current owner, who actively takes part in superyacht regattas, showing off the yacht's capabilities.

7. Aquijo (86-metres)Aquijo under sailPhoto: Stuart PearceAnother Dutch sailing yacht making the Top 10 list is the 86-metre Aquijo by Vitters Shipyard and Oceanco. Launched in 2015, Aquijo is the largest ketch-rigged sailing yacht in the world, with her mainmast towering 88.4-metres above sea level. She features naval architecture and an exterior design by Tripp Design Naval Architects. Currently, Aquijo is in the Netherlands for her first Special Survey by Vitters Shipyard.

8. Sea Eagle II  (81-metres)Sea Eagle II yacht sailingPhoto: Tom van OossanenThis Royal Huisman sailing yacht, launched and delivered in 2020, is the shipyard’s largest sailing yacht by volume. Sea Eagle II has an impressive 3,500 square metres of sail, and carbon Panamax rigging by Rondal. The three-masted schooner was built in collaboration with Dykstra Naval Architects and designer Mark Whiteley, and also stands as the world’s largest aluminium sailing yacht at 1,150 GT.

9. M5 (77.6-metres)M5 yacht sailingPhoto: Giuliano SargentiniThis superyacht was built in the United Kingdom by Vosper Thornycroft to a design by Ron Holland Design. The yacht underwent a refit, completed in 2014, at Pendennis Shipyard where, alongside other modifications, the stern section of the vessel was redesigned and extended by 3-metres. However, this refit left her keel slightly unbalanced. An additional, major refit completed in 2020 at the NCA shipyard, sought to rebalance the keel by cutting her keel in half and moving the ram housing 300 mm forward. Besides her technical changes, M5 also had a new paint job featuring a three-tone grey livery with a metallic palladium hull, anthracite silver superstructure and crystal silver mast and boom.

10. Badis I (70-metres)Sybaris sailingBadis I (previously known as Sybaris) was built by Perini Navi and is one of the largest yachts delivered by the Italian brand in recent years. Completed in 2016, Perini Navi designed the superyacht’s exterior, with Phillipe Briand consulting on the naval architecture. PH Design fashioned her wooden veneer interior. Badis I can accommodate up to 12 guests in six staterooms consisting of a master suite and five doubles, all with en-suite bathrooms and entertainment centres.



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