The U119 by UFO Boats

The U119 by UFO Boats is the culmination of many years of work and experience in cutting edge composites. We visited this 13 metre sportsboat is designed by X.Pillet and Gregory Pelard at this year's Antibes Yacht Show. Her underwater hull uses vertical steps to improve performance and a central tunnel for dynamic stability, in particular during tight turns.

The yacht's wave-piercing bow is shaped to cut through the water effortlessly and to safely sail into any swell and chop. Manufactured with an 11cm thick multi-ply and poly-axial carbon/epoxy/kevlar sandwich construction, the underwater hull has exceptional rigidity without the need for cross bracing. This results in sea handling and interior volume unparalleled in this category of boat.

The helmsman's console, complete with bucket seats, gives the captain a panoramic view of the surroundings. The dials, screens and controls set in carbon are arranged for ease of use and to ensure that driving the vessel is both pleasant and safe. When moored, the seating areas transform into sunbeds and a ladder can be deployed for swimming.

The U119 is available in two versions, outboard and inboard.

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