The Ultimate Superyacht Tender

The Airnotika Company of Odessa, Ukraine, is offering it's services to built the ultimate yacht's tender, a customised seaplane.

Only a handful of Superyachts have been fitted with seaplanes as tenders so far, but with the ever growing market for ulta large yachts, the size of this niche market could be growing rapidly.

You may remember Blohm & Voss' Eco (today Enigma), launched in 1991, which was fitted with a single engined seaplane, that was stored on her large aft deck, and was deployed using a hydraulic gantry. Another yacht fitted with a seaplane was Golden Shadow, the shadow boat to Golden Odyssey. She also keeps her plane, Golden Eye, a Cessna 208 Caravan Sea plane, on the aft deck.

The Ukrainian company Airnotika, that has engineered and built military aircraft in the past, now offers both single, and twin engined Hydroplanes for private use. The following images are of a twin engined, four passenger version:

The main data:
Maximal take-off weight: 1300 kg
Weight empty: 750 kg
Type of the engine Rotax-912 ULS
Capacity 2X100 HP
Used fuel min. 95 (auto fuel)
Speed take-off: 65-75 km/h
Cruise speed: 200 km/h
The maximal speed: 250 km/h
Practical ceiling: 4000 m.
Range: 1500 km
Length of start with maximal take-off weight: 200 m.
Length of take-off / landing: 150 m.
Crew: 1
passenger places 3+1

Hydroplanes can become the next big hit on the superyacht market, with owners willing to sacrifice more and more available space on board their yachts to supertoys such as (multiple) helicopters, cars and even submarines. For clients with a desire to own a larger Hydroplane, Airnotika designed a larger aircraft, with a retro look. According to Serge Orlov "Hydroplanes are a thing from the past, but are fitted with modern technologies and equipment."

The interior of these planes can be customised, to match an owners yacht interior.

More information on projects by Airnotika can be obtained by contacting:

Serge Orlov, Airnotika Company
Alexander Nevskiy str. 49/31
65088 Odessa, Ukraine

+38 098 811 1950
+38 063 334 3005
e-mail: [email protected]



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