The versatile open day-cruiser Wider 42

After the great success obtained in April during the world preview held in Rapallo, Italy, Wider, a new yachting company established in 2010 by Tilli Antonelli, presented the Wider 42 at the 69th Grand Prix of Monaco, last weekend.

A natural empathy links Wider to the Formula 1" says Tilli Antonelli, Wider President, "starting with the multifunctional steering wheel with in-built multiview display featuring all the information necessary for sailing, similar to those used in Formula 1, to the great attention paid to performances, in terms of choice of materials and cutting edge technology, which translates also in a maximum speed of 53 knots and a cruising speed of 40 knots."

The Wider 42’ is a versatile open day-cruiser able to change and adapt to satisfy a wide range of demands, through solutions offering total comfort and pure relaxation. By means of an automatic and patented system, she widens out in just 12 seconds thanks to mobile extensions either side of the hull. Wider has thus managed to double the usable surface and significantly increase the yacht’s stability and comfort.

Designed in order to ensure total comfort, Wider 42’ is outfitted by cutting edge and technological equipment, for a equal amounts of adrenaline and recreation: from the helm station with a multifunctional steering wheel to the audio-video system, from the living area fitted with removable leather hang bags, which replace the classical cabinets, to the central cockpit where inflatable seats substitute heavy fibreglass furniture.

Special attention has been paid to the choice of the materials, using carbon fibre in many elements of the boat, and to the energy saving concept, concentrating on the engines and aerodynamic shapes – like the stepped hull - which guarantee huge savings in fuel consumption and a lower environmental impact. The result is a high-performance model, an aerodynamic product, where weight is an essential feature, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and minimum waste.

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