The Yellowfin Custom 40 superyacht tender

A new superyacht tender has entered the scene, The Yellowfin Custom 40. According to its builder, it "represents the ultimate in rigid hard-bottom inflatable design, combining hard-driving functionality and speed with uncompromising aesthetics, filling a void in the RIB market".

Dean Maggio, sales manager for the Yellowfin Custom 40, is an experienced superyacht captain and the catalyst behind the design. “After purchasing several tenders for both motor yachts and sailing yachts, I found there was no one tender capable of handling the multiple missions demanded in the daily running of a superyacht,“ says Maggio. "There were good dive tenders, good people movers, and fast chase boats, but no one boat that was great on all levels. Until now. With the 40, we’ve integrated functionality and attractive design to create the ultimate tender.”

The large interior volume afforded by the Custom 40’s center console design means it can carry superyacht guests or a full race crew in comfort, while easily carrying a large amount of sails and gear. The ride is smooth thanks to a deep V combined with a stepped hull that will get the boat up on a plane with minimal effort. The steps add performance and efficiency as well. The Custom 40 offers 1.4 mpg at 45 mph.

Yellowfin Yachts is known for its fast, top-shelf offshore fishing yachts. The Custom 40 is its first RIB. The overall design is exceptionally clean with minimum hardware to ensure easy on/off of people and gear over the sides. The sturdy hull is resin-infused composite construction, utilizing a Corecell composite foam core with Kevlar/fiberglass shell. The Hypalon collar is both UV and petroleum resistant.

The Yellowfin Custom 40 has all the extras you expect in a high-end tender – bow thrusters, the option for triple outboards (max. 350-hp each), a 400-gallon fuel capacity, ultra-functional anchoring system, and amenities from a hot-water shower to DVD, stereo, and air-conditioning. Convertible driver seats provide lumbar support when standing and also fold down for seated driving. Dry storage under the cushioned forward and aft seating augments on the on-deck capacity, and there’s a private head below the console. The 40 is also available with or with out a cabin.

Two Custom 40s have been delivered to date. Hull No. 3 will launch in late March. The Yellowfin Custom 40 will be on display at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2013.

Yellowfin Custom Yacht Tenders
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