Thierry Mugler redesigns the Spire Boat

The Thierry Mugler Studio will redesign the latest version of the Spire Boat. After years of creating several competition boats, the Spire Boat’s designers wanted to work on an outboard pleasure boat combining competitiveness, safety, and aesthetics. They turned to the Mugler Studio to design a rare, fantasy version of their new speedboat.

The Mugler Studio focused on recreating interior and exterior, resulting in a retro futuristic Spire Boat, inspired by the muscle cars of the 1950s. The classic version of the Spire Boat will be presented at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show, as well as an exclusive preview of Thierry Mugler’s designs for his take on the Spire Boat.

The Thierry Mugler Studio previously redesigned the lines of the Gentry Eagle, once the fastest yacht in the world.

Spire Boat

Thierry Mugler

By Alex Pope



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