Three superyachts at Monaco Marine La Ciotat

Written by Gemma Fottles

Monaco Marine La Ciotat’s new 90-metre climate controlled paint shed has welcomed three substantial superyachts to the facility since its completion; the 78-metre Abeking & Rasmussen C2, the 78-metre Feadship Venus, and the 68-metre Feadship Lady Christine. All of the projects have seen scaffolding being prepared in advance of the yachts being hauled out of the water, an approach that reportedly saves up to 14 days of work.

Full paintwork on Lady Christine started in June. The shed’s double-skin insulation allows for less fluctuation of temperature and humidity, the most important factors to control when achieving the best paint finish possible. Captain Alastair Tait says: “Not only is the yard quieter, which is normal for any shipyard during the Mediterranean cruising season, but the shed allows for the best protection from wind and rain, and dust can be expertly controlled.”

He continues, “Another huge advantage of being in the shed is the large gantry crane already in place as well as space for storage. Whole sections inside can be cordoned off for parts that need to be disassembled and painted. Depending on the size of the yacht of course, you can build a tented shed for contractors inside the shed if need be.”

While Lady Christine undergoes her finishing touches inside the shed, Venus and C2 are both under wraps in temporary cocoons where paint conditions are also tightly controlled.



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