Thrilling new superyacht toy on the market

Flying Fish Hovercraft has launched a new Superyacht Tender version of its leisure hovercraft. The stunning looking Platinum Black hovercraft was introduced during the recent Luxury Brands Show at the London Boat Show.

The Platinum Black has an ultra lightweight construction using carbon fibre and kevlar in the build of the craft. A teak effect deck, with blue spot lighting and chrome deck fittings add to the aesthetics of the craft. But it’s the great performance that really makes the Platinum Black outstanding. A 50 bhp 4 stroke ‘Rampage’ engine powers the hovercraft up to an exhilarating 50mph, highly manoeuvrable and great fun to drive. The craft accommodates 2 people and is capable of easy lift off from a standing or floating start on water or land. The Platinum Black hovercraft operates on water, mudbanks, ice, beach, in fact on most surfaces. Running from the yacht straight up and across the shore means the Hovercraft is far more flexible than a traditional tender. A lifting eye allows the craft to be craned out of the water onto the deck with ease.

The new Platinum Black personal hovercraft is built in the UK by Flying Fish Hovercraft, one of Europe’s leading hovercraft manufacturers building commercial craft for safety and rescue and well as pure fun sports craft. The extensive experience of Flying Fish hovercraft engineers has ensured the Platinum Black will provide owners with a robust and reliable hovercraft of exceptional heritage.

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