Tivoli moves to South Pacific with 4 charters booked

The 90ft Doggersbank, Tivoli is moving to the South Pacific for 2013 with 4 charters (37 days) already booked by 37South. Tivoli has enjoyed many successful years of charter in the Caribbean but the South Pacific was calling in more ways than one with numerous charter opportunities knocking at the helm. The move is one that seems to be a growing trend amongst yachts from the Caribbean and the Med.

Tivoli’s owner (and captain) couldn’t be happier with his decision; “In Antigua one year a broker asked me – if you could take your yacht on one last journey, where would it be? I said, the South Pacific no question.”

When Allan Jouning from 37South approached him about some possible charters in numerous South Pacific destinations he was very interested. The owner has been very flexible and understanding throughout the whole process of getting the numerous charters off the ground. This flexibility has resulted in an excellent outcome for everyone involved.

The owner says; “The crew, my kids, family and I are all really quite excited about this trip, it’s something different and new for all of us”. Allan (from 37South) has been instrumental in my decision not only bringing me the enquiries but giving valuable advice for the passage and cruising itineraries”.

Allan and the team at 37South are thrilled to see more yachts coming to the South Pacific and hope to see more of it. “Times are tough economically around the world, but with a bit of flexibility from all sides (owner, yacht and agent) there is hope for further growth in the South Pacific charter market".

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