Top designers work together on Ocean Alexander 112

Alexander Marine, the manufacturer of Ocean Alexander yachts, has announce the collaboration of top marine design talents for the design of the Ocean Alexander 112. The Ocean Alexander 112 Tri-Level Motoryacht is designed by a tremendous global partnership of some of the most well known names in the yachting industry.

The 112โ€™ is designed by Evan K. Marshall, naval architect based in London, widely recognized for his custom designs of several megayachts. Gregory C. Marshall, award winning naval architect based Victoria, Canada, has completed the engineering for the 112โ€™. The innovative interior will contain components from Genesis Yachtlines, an Italian firm lead by Roberto Lottini. Genesis Yachtlines extensive portfolio ranges from yachts at 15 meters up to 120 meters. Lastly, Polaris Marine, Inc., based in St. Augustine, Florida, will design the electrical system.

All four partners for the Ocean Alexander 112 have either won or have been nominated for International Design Awards from Showboats. They are each accomplished firms in the highly competitive marine industry.

When asked about the reasons behind forming this extensive design team, John Chueh, president of Alexander Marine said, โ€œSo many builders try to do everything in-house to save on costs. This line of thinking prohibits them from building the best boats possible. If all of the ideas are contained within a sector, it becomes harder to think outside of the box. By building these relationships with world-renowned designers and firms, we are creating ideas through collaboration that are innovative and will set the bar higher in the industry.โ€

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