Tragic loss of Andreas Liveras

It is with much regret that Liveras Yachts must announce the death of their Chairman Andreas Liveras who was killed during the terrorist attacks which have been taking place in Mumbai over the last 24 hours. Cypriots and Britain’s around the world will be mourning the tragic loss of Andreas Liveras.

Mr. Liveras was in Mumbai for a trade show when the terrorist activity erupted. He lived a life that he has described in the past as a ‘classic rags-to-riches tale’. Growing up in Cyprus, in a large family born to a shepherd, Mr. Liveras emigrated to London in 1963. He started out as a delivery man, working for a small bakery which he ended up taking over, transforming the business into one of largest independent manufacturers of frozen gateaux in Europe. After selling the company for millions, Mr. Liveras pursued a life in the Yachting Industry. He moved to Monaco, founding the Charter Company, Liveras Yachts.

Mr. Liveras, along with, what he described as ‘more than 1,000 residents, tourists and locals’, was locked in a basement room in the Taj Mahal Palace hotel. From there he managed to telephone the BBC as terrorists set off grenades outside and fired AK47 automatic rifles. Although they were being helped by Hotel staff, providing them with water and sandwiches, he described the atmosphere as extremely frightening. When he was on the phone to the BBC, the last bomb blast had gone off about 45minutes prior to the conversation, shaking the hotel.

The terrorists had separated British and American passport holders. According to Mr. Liveras’s brother, he may have escaped death had he had his Cypriot passport with him.

At 2130hrs local time, Mr. Liveras was pronounced dead by doctors at a nearby hospital. The facts behind his death are unclear, but a hospital spokesman said that he had been shot ‘multiple times’. A Cypriot Foreign Ministry official, Phaedonas Anastasiou, said: “He was executed in cold blood and he was carrying a British passport.”

Liveras Yachts have issued the following statement. “Not only was Andreas one of the great entrepreneurs and characters of the yachting business; he was also a much loved and respected father, grandfather and friend. He will be greatly missed by all who loved him and knew him. Andreas’s family extend their thanks to all of those who have sent messages of sympathy and support, they are greatly appreciated.”

By Richard Callender



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