Trekker Yachts introduces Adventure Class Yachts

Trekker Yachts International LLC has created a completely new classification of yachts with the introduction of their T-65, T-75, T-90 and T-120 “Adventure Class Yachts”.

Trekker’s founder Steven Alan Fry explains “Our vision is to help people become more intimate with our watery planet by building Cousteau-inspired yachts that encourage adventure through innovations in design and construction emphasizing safety, performance, efficiency, comfort, and environmental sensitivity.”

Leadership is always polarizing. It takes courage and good timing to initiate the kinds of changes that Cousteau championed. To that end, Trekker Yachts International has entered the market to offer a clear alternative. Trekkers are here to demonstrate that sophisticated buyers will embrace high quality products that can deliver the dreams of today while helping to preserve our Ocean for tomorrow.”

Trekker Yachts International, LLC
Captain Mike O'Connor, C.P.Y.B.
+1 (949) 240 2381
[email protected]



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