Trend Marine Glazing expands into superyacht, supersize glazing solutions

As yachts get bigger and yacht designers and their clients demand more flexibility in the exterior design and styling resulting in larger windows, windscreens, doors and port lights, Trend glazing solutions has ensured they are ahead of the curve, adding to the extensive range of marine glazing products and precision manufacturing expertise.

Trend Marine Products, part of the US giant Taylor Made Group, has been steadily growing their business for over 37 years, keeping ahead with glazing solutions for yacht builders worldwide. The impressive 12 acre site in Catfield, Norfolk, currently produces complete boat-sets from curved windscreens to complex doors and powered sunroofs, for a wide range of yachts right up to the largest superyachts.

New-build customers for the larger superyachts, are moving away from the more traditional yacht designs and want to enjoy their marine environment more fully. Large windows, flexible entertaining areas where glass panels and curved doors create wind-free al fresco dining combine with large port lights to create the light, airy interiors, has become the way forward.

Trend has taken up the challenge with a substantial investment programme consisting of a new sag-bending furnace and the accompanying glass toughening plant, allowing for complex curved laminated glass panels to be fabricated. The process allows for cone shapes and tight bends plus matching pairs to be formed in one operation. Designers can now specify precision laminated glass panels in exotic forms allowing them a new level of sophistication in their designs.

Trend is already providing complete boat sets to several yards for in-build superyachts. Trend also has its own fitting team who are used to handling large and delicate glazing pieces in the demanding shipyard environment. With the in-house fabrication capabilities to supply complete sub-assembly units, such as flat or curved 'patio' style doors, pantographic doors and the most complex large screens and window assemblies, Trend is the perfect one-stop solution provider with extensive production capability, state-of-the-art manufacturing and a cost effective approach through investment and technology.

To further support this new initiative, Trend is enhancing its sales team to provide a specific focus on the superyacht sector.

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