Trinity Yachts to incorporate Trinity Offshore’s environmental expertise

Trinity Yachts has long been able to capitalize on its history in the commercial and military maritime industry by bringing to their superyachts the fundamental and innovative design and engineering features that have proven so successful in other projects.

Last week, in groundbreaking news, Trinity Offshore was awarded the Harvey Gulf International Marine contract to build two 302’ (92m) x 64’ (19.5m) Dual Fuel Offshore Supply Vessels that are capable of operating exclusively on natural gas. The inaugural U.S. flagged LNG-powered vessels will achieve ENVIRO+, Green Passport Certification by the American Bureau of Shipping, the first OSVs to achieve this certification in the United States. In short, they will be the most environmentally friendly craft of this size. The project will employ 300 for the next 30 months and is a significant step for Trinity Offshore’s re-entry into the Deep Water Support Vessel sector.

The requirements for ENVIRO+, Green Passport dictate that the vessels be continuously manned by a certified Environmental Officer. More, the vessels will be completely constructed with certified environmental materials including advanced alarms for fuel tanks and containment systems.

The implications of the Harvey Gulf contract for Trinity Yachts custom builds are numerous. By engineering technologies for natural gas powered vessels, incorporating specific design features—LNG, diesel electric, steerable z-pellers, fire fighting and more—Trinity is the first custom builder to be able to transfer this level of environmental technology to the world’s superyacht fleet.

With an abundance of the greener alternative, less-polluting natural gas, Trinity also sets its sights on realizing what the superyachting market has been requesting: the engineering and construction of a green fleet. Owners, captains and the industry will have, at long last, a green blueprint for the blue planet.

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