Trio of new solar hybrid multi-hull superyachts

Eramotive has presented a new trio of new solar hybrid multi-hull superyachts, the Iris Series. The series presents vessels of three different lengths; 45 meters over three decks, 75 meters over five decks, and 125 meters over seven decks.

The elliptical shape was chosen for its timelessness as well as its allowance for much more voluminous interior spaces. The generous interior spaces opens up a wide range of potential customisation.

The exteriors surface areas were kept in mind to allow maximum coverage using Photo-voltaic panels while maintaining wide angle views from within. The Photo-voltaic panels wrapping the exterior are also revealed as retractable roof enclosures on the top three decks that make it possible to maintain zero carbon cruising at a speed of 10 knots.

The helipad on the 125 metre yacht also boasts a retractable enclosure, allowing the space to be easily converted into a recreational area for all types of climates. The Iris Series is offered in full or semi Photo-voltaic coverage.

A hydroponic garden can also be added for true self-sufficiency at sea. An open layout two-tiered salon, VIP suites with saunas, multiple pools, an art gallery, cinema, grand library, tender garage with bamboo drop doors and area for showcasing up to nine collector cars are also among the available possibilities.

The 45 metre features an array of sliding glass panels on both sides of the structure which open the interior and fully expose an outside deck. The decks seamlessly retract at 1.8 metre lengths thus merging the inside and outside spaces into one.

By Gemma Fottles



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