Two new ecoyacht concepts unveiled by Seattle-based JQB Design

Written by Kayla Dowling

Seattle-based superyacht design studio JQB Design has unveiled two new eco-friendly superyacht designs, the 74-metre High Performance Sloop Ecoyacht Concept and the 88-metre High Performance Schooner Ecoyacht Concept.JQB High Performance Sloop and Schooner EcoYacht conceptPhoto: Jonathon Quinn BarnettThe 74-metre High Performance Sloop Ecoyacht Concept features a collapsible upper royal sail rig. With a height of 61.3-metres, the sloop is capable of clearing the Bridge of Americas in Panama, highlighting the yacht’s manoeuvrability despite her length. Additionally, she will be equipped with a pivoting carbon fibre mast.

The second concept unveiled by JQB Design, is the 88-metre High Performance Schooner Ecoyacht. At an estimated 1,650 GT, the schooner features twin carbon pivoting sail rigs with collapsible topsails. The yacht’s design has been optimised for upwind performance. Her hull configuration incorporates aesthetic elements of a classic sailing yacht while utilising contemporary hydrodynamic technology.

Yacht designer Jonathan Quinn Barnett of JQB Design has designed superyachts for more than 35 years. The design studio comments that, “Our Seattle design studio always focused on ‘buildable design’” and that they are “convinced the sailing rigs will provide considerable performance and use advantages.”



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