Two semi-custom explorer Bering yachts by Sabdes Design

The latest Sabdes designs are purposeful 18 and 24 metre semi-custom Explorer Motoryachts produced for Bering Yachts of the USA. They have serious capabilities and are inherently economic with either conventional or hybrid propulsion.

The designs are the third and fourth collaboration projects in the series of 15-24 metre Bering Yachts Steel Oceangoing Motoryachts. Both designs are based upon Bering Yachts fully engineered semi-custom designs. Images and scale models of the new Bering Yachts were presented at Trawlerfest 2012 in Florida with the customer feedback being very positive.

The Bering 18 and 24 are some of the most voluminous 18 and 24 metre yachts around. With 5.7 and 7.1 metre beams respectively they are unique in the vast accomodation space on offer for these size vessels. Sabdes Design have created state-of-the art Explorer Yachts and Berings rigorous construction approach means these motoryachts are not only stylish, but real little ships built to go places safely and surely.

Bering Yachts offer both the B18 and B24 with option for Hybrid Propulsion using the ReGen Nautic electric hybrid system; reducing the usage of fossil fuel, providing the power needed at sea, and allowing the ability to enter and leave ports in electric-only mode.

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