U-Boat Worx to exhibit at 21st Monaco Yacht Show

Dutch company U-Boat Worx, one of the global leaders in the design and construction of submersibles will be exhibiting at the 21st Monaco Yacht Show, the largest yacht show in the world that is to be held at Port Hercules from September 21st to September 24th.

This year U‐Boat Worx will introduce the first, private submersible worldwide charter program. Clients can now charter a submersible for a period of time at a destination of their choice. Depending on the needs of the client U‐Boat Worx will advice which model suits their needs best.

The available models are the “C‐Quester 3” and the “C‐Explorer 2” and will be showcased during the show. In the near future other models with extended depth capabilities will be added to the fleet.

The C‐Quester 3 is a 3 person submersible and the C‐Explorer 2 is a 2 person submersible based on a full 360‐degree transparent pressure hull, giving occupants the best unobstructed view possible. Both vessels have a maximum operating depth of 100 meters and for comfort both models are equipped with a powerful air conditioning system.

Alongside the C‐Quester 3 and C‐Explorer 2, U‐Boat Worx will launch the final version of the C‐Explorer 5, the latest member of the C‐Explorers. This model can seat up to 5 passengers to a maximum depth of 300 meters. The C‐Explorer 5 will be completed late 2011.

All submersibles built by the Dutch company are designed, manufactured and tested according to strict rules for classification of passenger submersibles by Germanischer Lloyd.

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