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U-Boat Worx to introduce two new submarine at the Monaco Yacht Show


U-Boat Worx B.V., the Dutch manufacturer of luxury submersibles for personal and tourist use, will introduce their new C-Quester 2 and C-Quester 3 submersibles during the Monaco Yacht Show 2008.

The two-person C-Quester 2, with low storage height and weight, is designed to meet the growing demands from superyacht industry. With the three-person C-Quester 3, a new range of opportunities is created for high-end resorts and hotels to offer their guests something extraordinary

Safety will be guaranteed by the individual classification of each submersible under Germanischer Lloyd. The electric C-Questers can dive up to a depth of 100 meters and are the first commercially available submersibles to be equipped with Lithium-Ion Battery technology to extend endurance.

The first C-Quester 3 will be launched at the end of this year. Potential customers can expect to roam the subsea in spring 2009, but only after having been successfully trained as submersible pilot.

The C-Quester 2 and C-Quester 3 weigh respectively 2,850 and 4,100 kg and have been equipped with various features including a releasable safety buoy, jettisonable weight, underwater communication, air conditioning system, altimeter, sonar, and optional video cameras and tracking systems

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