Unique floorsystem from Yachtsupport BV

Yachtsupport BV, an innovative company that specialises in the construction and outfitting of large yachts, has developed a patented floor system for engine and equipment rooms in superyachts. The floor system consists of a stainless steel (316) or aluminium frame fastened together by a system of hooks that can easily be assembled and disassembled.

Henk Bruinekool, one of the founders of the company says, “The great advantage is that onboard installation time is considerably reduced, because the floor is delivered in prefabricated parts.”

Checker plates of polished stainless steel or anodised aluminium with a preformed anti-slip profile and welded toe board are laid on the frame. The checker plates are quickly and easily fixed to the frame by a locking system.

The patented floor system offers significant advantages such as:
• It’s non-ferrous and can be completely disassembled.
• It’s prefabricated and therefore on-board installation time is reduced.
• The checker plates are measured by us and are delivered ready for installation.
• To give easy access; a hatch is made in the checker plate above each valve location.
• The checker plates are easily installed and locked in place with a system using an allen key.
• The toe board is welded to the checker plate which gives more working area when the floor is open.

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