Unique marble table created by Lanka Marine

Located in the historical town of Pietrasanta, just a stone's throw away from the cities of Lucca and Carrara, Lanka Marine upholds a fine reputation for producing uniquely designed, exclusive products crafted from high quality natural stones. An art form in it's own right, a piece from the established and accomplished team of Lanka Marine eloquently proves the delicate, artistic and naturally beautiful qualities of these refined luxury materials every single time.

With the Carrara-region as the world's leading region for quarrying and producing top quality marble artworks, the area upholds an outstanding reputation where the top quality is combined with the best craftsmanship and state of the art technology, forming pieces that truly transcend into a league of their own. By approaching the material with the respect it deserves, pieces are transformed into fine art rather than merely decoration.

Within the ancient tradition of marble sculpting, that has been passed down through generations, Lanka Marine is solidly dedicated to a philosophy of respecting the age old experience and competence of their team of visionaries, without losing touch of the latest developments with regards to innovation and technology. This proves a highly successful, and greatly appreciated formula, where natural stones such as the world renowned Carrera Statuario are used to sculpt and materialise a vision. With an extended team offering full-service assistance from the initial client contact onwards, ranging from design and execution to after-sales care and maintenance, Lanka Marine are always fully dedicated to providing not just luxurious enhancements of homes, superyachts and airplane-interiors, but aim towards shaping an environment that exceeds one's wildest dreams – always in close cooperation with the client.

The choice for the historical village of Pietrasanta was not coincidental, as the town has been known as Little Athens or the City of Artists for centuries. Ever since Michelangelo came to take advantage of the region's exquisite natural stones, Pietrasanta (literally meaning Holy Stone) has been a thriving society where many of the finest artists live and work. It was this inspiring environment, and the untapped potential of the fine Carrera Marble found throughout the region, that moved Lanka Marine to initiate a project unlike any the world of art, design and architecture has ever seen.

Designed by Thierry Gaugain, who launched his own international studio in 2010, after being head of design for Philippe Starck for 20 years, and in close cooperation with Blacbody, the most advanced manufacturer of OLED technology, Lanka Marine have introduced a piece of craftsmanship that evaporates the boundaries between art and design, showing the world what is possible with the application of natural stones like marble, onyx and granite. The initial idea, developed between Lanka Marine and Thierry Gauguin, was to materialise an object that would reflect the finesse of a Pure Made in Italy product, and the result has pushed boundaries well into the unexpected. With the successful completion of this project, Lanka Marine have made the impossible possible.

After a successful debut at this year's edition of the Monaco Yacht Show, the exquisite Leaf table has been attracting attention, appreciation and amazement from around the globe. With a sophisticated, contemporary and refined design, delicate execution and intricately integrated technique, the Leaf table is an outstanding piece of art. A fascinating vision come to life, the table transcends its state of being a piece of furniture and becomes a unique object that simply has no equal in the world today. It shows a one-piece marble surface, high gloss and meticulously polished, measuring an astonishing 2.5 metres in length and an incredible thickness of merely 2 centimeters. These dimensions are as groundbreaking as they are remarkable, all formed from one single slab of the finest Carrara Marble.

The long, rectangular table top with soft, smoothly curved edges, supported by four elegantly lean legs, is topped by a leaf-shaped, curved lighting piece that organically flows upwards from one corner. This leaf, covering a significant part of the table's surface and bathing it in a gentle glow, has a uniquely integrated system of mechanical elements, allowing a collection of minimalistic lighting fixtures to seemingly appear growing from the marble.

The Leaf table has generated ample amazement and interest since her Monaco debut, proving it to be both successful and worthy of succession. The table is more than just an object, yet remains effortlessly modest in her form and her function. Lanka Marine has tapped new sources, raised the bar and set a course for establishing natural stones as a base for fine artworks in their own right. In fact, Lanka Marine believe the material itself to be art, supplied by nature. And with a team of highly skilled, talented and dedicated professionals working relentlessly to provide clients with the finest pieces, the Leaf table is just a glimpse of what is possible.

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