Unknown superyachts; The 42 metre Geosand

Yesterday I published an article about the world's most colourful yachts. One yacht I left out, but might as well be included, is the 42 metre superyacht Geosand, which I photographed earlier this year in Greece. Geosand features a beige hull, and a gold coloured superstructure.

Geosand was delivered in 2011, butlittle more is know about this Italian built yacht, that started out as a project at Baglietto. in 2010 Bagliettowent into voluntary liquidation, and it is not entirely clear which shipyard finished the project, however I first saw the yacht in 2011 in the shipyard area of La Spezia, when I was on a seatrial with Perini Navi, so it is likely that she was finished in that area.

If you have more information on Geosand, please contact me.

By Maarten Janssen



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