Antonini Navi unveils debut UP40 superyacht platform

Written by Georgia Tindale

Following the launch of the new brand, Antonini Navi by Gruppo Antonini shipyards back in April, the company has unveiled its superyacht-design debut: the Utility Platform 40. The 40-metre modular steel platform can be adapted to build three different types of displacement yacht, depending on the superstructure chosen by the client, which are classed as Motor Yacht, Sport Explorer and Crossover yachts by the shipyard.Antonini UP40 project renderingPhoto: Antonini NaviThe design for the new platform comes from a close collaboration between the shipyard and Italian designer Fulvio de Simoni. According to the shipyard, the design of the first unit is nearing completion - as is the definition of its three different superstructures - with hull construction on the 40-metre yacht scheduled to begin in September 2020.

In terms of the design, De Simoni aimed to create a balanced, harmonious and innovative look, "without being banal," with the cut of the bow being contemporary in style, and extensive and flowing freeboards in the hull. In terms of layout, two linear main decks are connected by a half-deck which houses the yacht's only helm section.
Antonini UP40 project renderingPhoto: Antonini NaviAlthough the layout is the same for each model, there is scope for owners to personalise the interiors to suit their desires, including the number and size of cabins.
Antonini UP40 project renderingPhoto: Antonini Navi
The hull shape of the new platform is designed to make the interiors of each yacht as liveable and comfortable as possible, with highly-efficient waterlines used to help ensure safe navigation, whilst also keeping an eye on consumption levels.

Notably, the large fuel tanks on board the UP40 yacht platform, in combination with this focus on efficiency, would give the vessels an impressive range of over 5,000 nautical miles at 10 knots. In addition, UP40 yachts could reach a top speed of around 14 knots and cruise at 12 knots.
Antonini UP40 project renderingPhoto: Antonini Navi“For Antonini Navi’s first project we decided to apply a construction method to steel superyachts previously used mainly for smaller fibreglass boats: we created a modular platform designed down to the tiniest detail, enabling us to start building the hull and choose the type and concept at a later stage, even halfway through the construction process," explained Antonini Navi partner and sales manager Aldo Manna. Aldo Manna Sales Director Antonini NaviPhoto: Antonini Navi
He continued, "This means that owners can personalise their superyacht when construction is already underway, and not only the interiors but also, and most importantly, the functional type. The result? Maximum flexibility of choice but shorter delivery times, because the hull design and construction have already been completed. It’s a complex choice requiring proven capability on the part of the engineering department, total synergy with a designer of exceptional experience and huge talent and, lastly, major investments in research and design, all of which Gruppo Antonini has in abundance.”
Antonini UP40 project renderingPhoto: Antonini NaviOne of the aims of the new Utility Platform is to reduce delivery times for owners, with the shipyard explaining that the units could be built and delivered to owners' requirements within 12 months of signing the contract.



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