Upcoming sailings from Yacht Path Marine Group

The Yacht Path Marine Group has just released information on their upcoming sailings, including a last minute discount for transport in time for the Dubai International Boat Show.

Dubai Boat Show Sailing - Voyage No. TE-12-08
The Dubai International Boat Show will open its doors on 3 March and if you want to bring your superyacht over there this is your chance. The yacht transport ship will board in Genoa (Italy), on the 6th February, and in Lavrion (Greece) on the 9th of February and is set for arrival in Dubai on the 20th February, in time for the Dubai Boat Show.

Port Everglades - Completed
Tortola - Completed

Genoa - 6th February 2009
Lavrion - 9th February 2009
Dubai - 20th February 2009

Westbound N. Americas Sailing - Voyage No. WB-01-09
The second option is heading towards Victoria (British Columbia) and will depart from Golfito (Costa Rica) on 1st February with a stop in Ensenada (Mexico) on 9th February.

Port Everglades - Completed
Golfito - 1st February 2009
Ensenada - 9th February 2009
Victoria - 15th February 2009

Eastbound N. Americas Sailing - Voyage No. EB-01-09
The last option is to transport your yacht from Vancouver (British Columbia) to Port Everglades (Florida) with stops in Ensenada (Mexico), Manzanillo (Mexico) and Golfito (Costa Rica).

Vancouver - 13th February 2009
Ensenada - 19th February 2009
Manzanillo - 22nd February 2009
Golfito - 26th February 2009
Port Everglades - 2nd March 2009

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