Update: Piracy incident sailing yacht Tiara

The sailing yacht Tiara was the subject of an armed robbery that took place late on the evening of Sunday the 24th of August. While moored off the coast of Corsica, a motorised tender approached the yacht and four masked, armed men boarded the vessel and ordered the Captain to handover the contents of the ship’s safe at gun point.

A large sum of cash was consequently handed over to the masked gunman who then promptly left the yacht. No other valuables were taken and the incident occurred without casualty to life or damage to the vessel. The police are currently looking for the perpetrators.

Mark Donaldson, Director of Yacht Management at YCO commented: β€œWe are very thankful that no harm came to the guests or crew during this unfortunate incident. The Captain and his crew should be commended for the brave and calm manner in which they dealt with the situation. We must now use this robbery to raise awareness of security aboard yachts in the Mediterranean and worldwide. An effort needs to be made to keep cash on board yachts to a minimum and to use alternative methods of payment.”

Whilst it is hoped that this is an isolated incident, additional vigilance and increased deck watches, especially at night, are recommended for any yacht, particularly those mooring in secluded bays.



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