USCG special statement regarding Somalia piracy

The International Superyacht Society (ISS) received the following communication from CDR David G. McClellan, Chief, Prevention Operations Department, USCCG sector Miami. This is critical information for persons either planning or knowing parties planning to sail in the area that transverses the seas off the coast of Somalia in the gulf of Aden and the Arabian sea south to the Mozambique channel and east to the coast of India.

R 041954Z MAR 11
FM Comdt Cogard Washington DC//CG-54//
To Alcoast
Unclas //N16210//
Alcoast 084/11
Comdtnote 16210

Subj: Special notice to Mariner (NTM) for US Yachts and Sailing Vessels regarding Piracy off the Coast of Somalia

1. On 18 Feb 11, a U.S. registered sailing vessel with 4 US citizens on board was hijacked by Somali pirates in the Arabian sea, 282nm SE of Sur, Oman. During negotiations for release of the vessel, the 4 US citizens onboard were killed.

2. The extreme hazards of operating off the coast of Somalia in the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian sea south to the Mozambique channel and east to the coast of India, requires immediate education of the risk to any U.S. registered pleasure vessel operating in these waters or U.S. citizens planning to transit these areas on foreign flag registered pleasure vessels.

3. A special notice to mariners warning vessel operators of this risk has been released through the Navcens website ( and through district local notices to mariners. The special notice has been provided to national boating federation, NASBLA, US Sail, Boat US, US Power Squadron, and other boating/yachting enthusiast groups to post or link through their web-sites or publish in their newsletters, Twitter, Facebook or blog posts, or monthly magazines.



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