Van der Velden Marine Systems at the Monaco Yacht Show

The Yachting division of Van der Velden Marine Systems, a member of the Holland Yachting Group, will exhibit at the Monaco Yacht Show (24-27 September 2008). Our stand will showcase a prototype of the revolutionary EPS™ thruster. Van der Velden Marine Systems can be found in the Darse Nord Air Conditioned Tent, QD74.

Van der Velden Marine Systems is a major supplier of hydraulic integrated systems to superyachts. The benefits of its BARKE® rudder typifies the added value offered by a Van der Velden solution: maximum manoeuvrability, optimal comfort, smooth cruising and low noise levels. High-lift manoeuvring equipment such as the BARKE® rudder is also very suitable and efficient for meeting the requirements of modern yachts with Dynamic Positioning systems.

The revolutionary EPS™ Silent thruster, which is also available in a retractable version, represents a breakthrough in the fields of noise levels, low weight, space saving and comfort. The success of the EPS™ Side Tunnel thruster led to the development of a propulsion variant, the EPS™ Azimuthing Retractable thruster, which can also be deployed as a main propeller.

The new Van der Velden® COMMANDER rotary vane steering gear will incorporate the second generation of compact rudder actuators designed by Paul Wagner. Deploying such advanced technology and design strengthens Van der Velden’s position in manoeuvring technology. The simple, robust and compact design of the steering gear and the fact that it only has one movable part ensures trouble-free, maintenance-free operation for over 60,000 hours (20 years). Significant cost savings will be the obvious long-term result. Van der Velden COMMANDER rotary vane steering gear is available in rudder angles from 2 x 35 to 2 x 65 degrees and meets the requirements of all class authorities.



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