Van der Velden to supply 2 retractable EPS thrusters for Ethereal

Royal Huisman Shipyard is currently building a 58.04 metre (190.4’) performance ketch sailing yacht, designed by Pieter Beeldsnijder Design with naval architecture by Ron Holland Design. This prestigious yacht is to be delivered in 2008 and will be equipped with 2 EPS™ 800, 132 kW retractable thruster units.

The EPS™ bow and stern thrusters offer extremely low noise levels and an excellent power-performance ratio. The retractable EPS™ version is designed to suit the specific needs of sailing yachts. An uninterrupted hull shape helps keep drag to a minimum and the retractable EPS™ will contribute to smooth sailing.

Ethereal distinguishes herself with the client’s less-is-more philosophy, as together with the Huisman engineers the design team strives to use forward thinking and superior knowledge of new technologies to rethink methods of supplying power. The application of two low-noise high-efficiency EPS™ units seamlessly fits in this philosophy.

About the EPS™ Thruster
The revolutionary EPS™ Thruster, winner of the prestigious DAME Award 2005, has no gap between the propeller blades and the tunnel, removing the main source of noise pollution. This unique construction, without gear or propeller shaft, also means that the EPS™ Silent Thruster is amazingly compact. Taking up just one third of the space of a conventional thruster, it is incredibly simple to install. A flexible rubber mounting further eliminates noise and vibration.

The EPS™ Silent Thruster also offers substantial savings in weight. The thruster and all its related parts is designed and manufactured to the highest possible quality and environmental standards. Its high-tech, lightweight blades were developed using the very latest computer technology. Because the blades are so simple to fit and exchange, the EPS™ Silent Thruster is very maintenance friendly. Moreover, it offers an equally powerful thrust to both port and starboard as well as impressive steering power and manoeuvring accuracy.



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