Van Geest Yacht Design unveils 60 metre dhow superyacht

Pieter van Geest of Van Geest Yacht Design has send us this design for a 60 metre middle Eastern inspired sailing dhow. The initial design was made some time ago, Pieter tells us, but the project never really took off. Pieter explains; β€œWe do like the design and thought it a shame to be buried in the drawer somewhere. We do not expect a large market for it however there must be the unique client for it A sailing Dhow already creates a romantic feeling as it is unique in its kind”.

The yacht features two large folding bulwarks, which Pieter explains β€œIn our eyes an amazing features especially as the client can choose privacy or full surrounding visibility. The area between the two deckhouses is set up with a Jacuzzi and could almost be read as an oasis in the minimalist and sand colored deck”.

Other features include a tender stored in a recess in the deck, which can be modified into a dining/lounge area. On top of the main deckhouse there is a seating areas as well as the external control station for the yacht.

Van Geest Design
+31 614 35 99 53
[email protected]

By Maarten Janssen



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