VanDutch unveils plans for first electric yacht

The Dutch brand VanDutch has announced a new partnership with Aguri Technologies - a division of Aguri Racing - to develop an electric yacht concept, the VanDutch 40 Electric. The VanDutch team will enlist Mark Preston, Ferry Spijkerman and Aguri Suzuki as exclusive partners to develop the newest concept, which will reportedly reduce emissions by 100%.

“Our approach is not just solely centered on design, engineering and manufacturing,” says Anko Mast, CEO of VanDutch. “It is also centered on creativity, innovation and sustainability.”

Sustainability and innovation have been key values at VanDutch since their establishment in 2008. Previous models include VanDutch 30, VanDutch 40, VanDutch 40 WA, VanDutch 55 and the soon-to-be-revealed VanDutch 75, all of which are up to 50% more sustainable than similar yachts.

By Gemma Fottles



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