Videowork introduces MyCerberus service

Videowork has introduced the MyCerberus service, which takes its name from the Greek myth of Cerberus to symbolize a guardian difficult to overcome. The exclusive service makes it possible to intervene immediately in case of a fault in the installed systems (home automation, audio / video, entertainment, security cameras, video conferencing systems,), even before the customer can notice or detect them.

MyCerberus sends warnings of failure directly to Videoworks' help desk in real time, allowing Engineers to take immediate action remotely. This innovative and efficient service offered by Videoworks breaks down then all unnecessary waiting and possible nuisances to the end users who will receive instead immediate assistance.

Along with MyConcierge (the virtual "butler"), MyConnections (to manage Internet connections), MyInfos (to display all the details during navigation), MyScreen (video streaming) and myOlos (which allows the simple enjoyment of on-demand digital contents in various formats), MyCerberus completes a full range of services made to measure around the client.

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