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Written by Gemma Fottles

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When it comes to online access on board yachts, clients of today demand the highest level of service and the quickest connection possible - no matter where they are in the world. Although certainly not the easiest task in the world, Videoworks are posed to take on this challenge and exceed client expectations with their sophisticated bandwidth management solution.

Explaining the development of their solution to onboard connectivity, Videoworks say: “Bandwidth management was becoming a major concern aboard one of our high-profile client's yacht. Onboard this yacht, the number of crew, guests, and network attached devices could reach over 100, all accessing the same wireless network, flowing out to the internet over a single, extremely expensive and relatively slow satellite connection.”

“Until recently,” Videoworks continue, “there was no control over which device was granted priority, and no visibility into which devices/users were using the most bandwidth. These luxury yachts are expected to be at the forefront of technology, with the vessels offering the best and ideal IT solutions. Thanks to its skills as system integrator and IT expert, Videoworks was able to create a solution for our clients. The solution is Kerio Control.”

Kerio Control is an all-in-one unified threat and bandwidth management solution that brings comprehensive network protection and intelligence to yachts. With an ever-increasing range of vessel internet connections offering a wide variety of cost/speed benefits, the ability to switch between services has never been more important.

The “Load Balancing” feature permits to distribute traffic across multiple connections ensuring constant internet service. A Kerio control router allows you to take control of your WAN connections as well as efficiently managing your LAN traffic. Users can remotely access the network through virtual private networking, while admins can remotely manage the firewall through a web interface. Whether a commercial ship or a luxury yacht, a Kerio control router can save both time and money.

Kerio Control main features:

* Bandwidth Management

* Load Balancing

* Anti - Virus

* Firewall, Router, IPS/IDS

* Web & Content Filtering

* Usage Management and Reporting

* Secure VPN

* Flexible Deployment

Kerio Control monitors link availability and automatically disables or re-enables links to ensure continuous internet access. Kerio Control also uses Internet Link Load Balancing to distribute specific users onto specific connections.

The Kerio Control Web Filter permits administrators to allow, deny or limit the applications, websites and Internet services users can access. This powerful filter protects users and infrastructure by preventing visits to known malicious sites or those that engage in phishing attacks or identify theft. It also blocks objectionable sites to ensure compliance and shield from liability, and increases productivity by limiting access by application or site content category to a specific time of day, selected users, and specific user locations.

To find out more about Videoworks and the services they provide, contact Sara Stimilli directly at [email protected].


Via Albertini, 36 E/13
60131 Ancona

E: [email protected]
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