Videoworks offers innovations on board superyachts

The Italian company Videoworks offers clients an integration of systems on board superyachts, ranging from the audio/visual to the IT engineering, lighting projects and sound studies. The brand works tirelessly on their tailor made services to ensure integration is efficient and reliable.

Just some of the company’s latest innovations include the free ITWmode App, a product that is compatible with every device and available in a web version for easiness of use. Each client has the opportunity to manage the customisation of each Videoworks service on board in terms of both graphics and contents.

Furthermore, this App is a multiservice app, allowing the management of every service from the client’s personal devices, including lights, climate, entertainment and services such as the “MyConcierge”: a five star service on-board. An example of the MyConcierge service: if the owner and guests are relaxing on the sundeck and wish to order cocktails or snacks, this can be done using this service. The orders will arrive directly to the chef and crew with a simple alert that can be easily heard and shown on every touch panel and personal device.

Showcased at the latest METS event in Amsterdam last November, Videoworks also provides invisible speakers for internal areas. Using the Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducer speakers, any panel structure - including walls, ceilings, floors, windows and furniture - can be transformed into an audio speaker. The bespoke Videoworks DSP board, made exclusively by Leaff Engineering, is a result of an algorithm and has been conceived for internal spaces. The DSP board is pivotal for the loudspeakers as it perfectly equalises sound with repeatable and stable results.

Besides the important study of Light Implementation, which is cared for by the Videoworks Light Engineering and Design Department, Videoworks can now create and realise immersive interactive spaces (light plays, scenarios, projections, augmented reality, special effects, etc.) thanks to its new Partnership with Senso Immersive Experiences.

For more information on Videoworks’ selection of products and services, visit, or contact the company directly at [email protected]

By Gemma Fottles



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