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Captain Jody Atterton took time to talk to about a country so rich and diverse in history as it is in culture, with gentile people radiating a inviting smile everywhere you go. For those adventurous enough to cruise the exclusive waters of Vietnam, the experience alone will entice you back for more.

Today’s Vietnam is explosive and the business and travel opportunities are endless, it is fast becoming the next wealthy play ground for those who wish to indulge in her open invitation.

I have spent eight years here now and have seen a rapid change that you would never see in western society, yet the Vietnamese seem to thrive on constant change and the high competitive nature of ever expanding commercial business thanks to joining the W.T.O,. which has given foreign investors the financial security they had been waiting for so long in anticipation.

Vietnam has everything you could ask for or imagine and if you know where to look you will find a country willing to open their doors of delight to entice your spirit of adventure or for those like me, can find thousands of places of peace and tranquility.

Cruising is limited to international ports of Saigon (HCMC), Nha Trang, Da Nang and Hai Phong( start of Ha Long Bay). It has been possible to cruise other areas, but a cruise plan must be presented in advance for each province to give prior permission, all of which is worth the time to explore, one thing to remember in Vietnam is that it is still the military that controls the waters, so the process can be lengthy (my ever so quiet and patient negotiations seem to be finally getting through, slowly but surely at least) The biggest problem so far is trying to get the Government and authorities to understand that the Super yachts are privately owned and not cruise ships, so it has been a “square peg through a round hole” affair but with a few friendly smiles and lengthy explanations we are seeing head way.

What ever your taste may be, Vietnam is sure to have it, I give you my word on that, I have traveled extensively in my life and like to think that this place really is the hidden pearl of Asia just begging to be explored but they have the insight not to be exploited or loose their high moral family standards and its for this reason alone I have made it my home and have the beautiful family of Vietnam and all she has to offer.

Be quick as things do change at a rapid pace as I have mentioned before, first in best served would be the only way to correctly describe it.

Oh you say “I've seen Asia and its all the same!” well I will challenge you and show you an inside protected world that very few people have ever seen or could even begin to imagine . From untouched secluded beaches to breathtaking highlands with gentile traditional people, or 5+Star hotels and exclusive beach resorts, there is no where like Vietnam and its warm hospitality.

In my opinion Vietnam is one of the safest places to live in the world, the majority of the people are Buddhist, this is a “live and let live philosophy” so in short, let others be, if your happy I am happy. The Government is very strict on drugs and there is no guns allowed to be privately owned which only goes to show the commitment to making this country that has a long history of fighting a safe place for every one to live, visit, do incredible business and most importantly enjoy.

So I have sent out the invitations, thrown down the glove and so now come visit me and enjoy the paradise I now proudly call my home, beautiful Vietnam.

Captain Jody Atterton
Managing Director of Ocean Cruiser Company
+84(0)90 51 660 17
[email protected]



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