Vripack turns towards the sun in Frisian Solar Challenge

Whilst the daily activities of Vripack consist of designing and engineering interiors and exteriors of luxury yachts, Vripack decided to take a dive into the innovative waters of alternative propulsion by use of Solar Energy. The pinnacle of this state-of-the-art research and development project will be the 2010 Frisian Solar Challenge.

The Frisian Solar Challenge is the biggest sustainable event of the Netherlands and is focused on designing and constructing an ultra light and fast boat which is strong enough to endure the torments of a long distance race. The solar boat, built by the Vripack Solar Team will prove her excellence during the international Frisian Solar Challenge of 2010. Within five competition stages, which take place between the 4th and the 10th of July, the solar boats will race a 220km distance over water passing the famous 11 cities of Friesland.

This Solar powered event is based on the development of sustainable technology in order to promote the sustainable engineering and technology with a particular application of Solar Energy in the Shipbuilding industry. Vripack attaches great value to the preservation of a healthy environment and is proud that an enthusiastic in-company team is performing this development.

Vripack’s solar boat is driven by electric power from five solar panels only and can achieve a speed of 11 knots. With an overall length of 6 meters and a 0,75 meter beam, she will be controlled by one man only for periods up to six hours! She is propelled by a two blade propeller placed on an innovative pod coupled to an all electric motor. The hull is made of fiber glass and carbon glued by epoxy. To make the boat as light as possible, Vripack’s Solar Team is going to use a very special technique.

For this technique the Vripack Solar Team got inspired by the BMW Light Visionary Model called the Gina Light Version concept. According to this stunning inspiration, some parts of the Vripack Solar boat are being made out of fabric materials which save a lot of weight and make it possible to let this sunlight eating ship go even faster. Besides the importance of the weight, the solar elements in combination with the textile materials also give the Vripack Solar Boat her magnificent futuristic and spacious look!

Sponsors who make it possible to complete the Vripack Solar boat are: Polem, Snijtech, Esthec, Adel Polyester, Marin, Fiftysix, Interlinie, Vripack Brokers and Vripack Naval Architects.

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