Vulkan’s 42m VK 1 well underway for 2009 delivery

After only one year of activity, the Spanish Vulkan Shipyard has positioned itself as one of the most prestigious megayacht builders in the world. The company participated in the 18th edition of the Monaco Yacht Show, the largest European showcase of megayachts, held between the 24th and the 27th of September.

As stated by Juan Pablo Molina, manager of Vulkan "the fact that our company has been selected as one of the exhibitors by the most prestigious and exclusive organisation in Europe represents, in addition to an opportunity to demonstrate the capacity of Spanish shipbuilders to compete in the market of the luxury crafts, a key platform to find new business opportunities among a clientele with high spending power".

At the MYS, Vulkan Shipyard showed for the first time its capacity as a shipyard specialised in the construction of large, custom-made aluminium and steel yachts.

The Valencian company presented the 42-metre VK_1 yacht, presently in the building process and scheduled to be completed at the end of 2009. As a novelty, Vulkan Shipyard showed an innovative multimedia program incorporating the latest technology in photorealistic 3D visualization, offering a spectacular 360º view of the VK_1 megayacht virtual prototype. Visitors were presented with information in real time on the different technical characteristics of this exclusively designed craft.

Owing to its dimension and servicing capacity, Vulkan Shipyard, with facilities covering an area of 42,000 square metres located in the Port of Sagunto in Valencia (Spain), is one of the largest shipyards in Spain and among the most important in the Mediterranean area.



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