Wajer & Wajer present the new Wajer Osprey 34

Wajer & Wajer has started construction on the brand-new design for the Osprey 34. While a family connection with the award winning Wajer Osprey 37 is easily recognisable in its design, the 34 comes in a nimbler format, with lots of improvements in terms of manoeuvrability, ease of operation, lower cost of ownership and – most importantly – contemporary sailing comfort.

Numerous conversations with clients and visitors to the office in Loosdrecht and the yard in Heeg have taught the designers at Wajer & Wajer that the desires of sailors have changed more in the past two years than in the previous twenty. This has been further emphasised by recent developments in the industry. At the top of the market there is a need for downsizing in terms of format without giving up anything in terms of appearance, comfort or performance. At the same time, many would like to upgrade without making boats ‘showier’. And both these tendencies need to take into account issues of environmental sustainability. This is why Wajer started developing the Osprey 34 in 2008 with two leaders in their respective fields: Vripack Naval Architects and Van Oossanen & Associates.

The brief given to the designers and engineers was to devise a luxury yacht that would be instantly recognisable as a Wajer Osprey by its flowing lines, harmonious proportions and sustainable and high quality materials – as evident in areas like the striking window section. Other typical elements include sheltered sailing in the cockpit and the characteristic seating in the foreship, with the helmsman always central to the vessel and surrounded by the onboard party.

The new Wajer Osprey 34 comes with a 150 hp four-cylinder Yanmar diesel TDI engine as standard. Those who wish for more engine power can choose an optional configuration with two such standard engines, or twin 260 hp engines, which are also featured in the latest BMW cars. Another option is the Volvo D4-300 hp engine.

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