Wally adds a new 148-foot (45-meter) sloop to its rich order book

Commissioned by an experienced yachtsman who prefers a traditional blue-water yet high performance super yacht, the new Wally 148 is developed from the hull lines of the breakthrough Wally 143 currently under construction, and features the lines of Tripp Design, with the interiors and styling of Eidsgaard Design, and the project management of Jens Cornelsen.

The medium-light displacement (150 tons – 308,647 lbs), combined with the lifting keel increasing the draft from 4.20 to 6.20 meters (13’ 1” to 19’ 8” ) allows for a blue water yacht combining large volumes and full equipments for extensive round the world cruising, and very good sailing characteristics.

The sail plan includes the 110 per cent jib trimmed through Magic Trims, while the rigging is in PBO. The furling boom simplifies the handling of the big mainsail. The long-distance equipment includes very large water tanks for a capacity of 3,000 l – 793 US gal on each side of the yacht, that can be used as water ballast to further increase the performance.

“Large sailboats offer serious challenges and tremendous opportunities –says Bill Tripp- The challenges of the technical complexities, volume for living space and equipment, high loads, and need for reliability must all be resolved perfectly in balance. The opportunity of size allows for the creation of superb sailing proportions, great seagoing capabilities and a linear beauty of line”

”To best resolve the difficulties, and get the best of the design opportunities, we make full use of the state of the art construction and technology –explains the naval architect - Technology, when applied to a yacht 45 meters in length, has a tremendous impact on the type of boat. Lightening the weights and resolving draft limitations leads to new and preferred design solutions. Weight savings through the use of carbon composites, composite rigging and lifting keel help the weight spiral downwards, and realize a lower center of gravity.”

“The approach through technology goes beyond the impact of speed and seaworthiness –continues Tripp - The weight savings gained help allow the best systems and equipment installations to be utilized by Wally for reliability, and still reach design weight. The lighter boat will sail well in very light air, and thanks to the displacement length ratio (DLR) of only 71, she will be sailing the oceans at speed, and won’t be digging a hole in them”.

The Wally 148 is built at WallyEurope yard in Fano, Italy with the latest advanced composite technology using pre-preg carbon. The launch date is scheduled for the end of 2007. The new Wally 148 is the sixth sailing yacht currently under construction at WallyEurope.



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