Wally partners with brokers YCO and YPI to fully exploit WHY’s sales worldwide

Now that the groundbreaking design of WHY is finalised, specialist superyacht brokerage houses YCO and Yachting Partners International (YPI Group) have been selected as exclusive business development and sales partners for the project, to create the WHY Commercial Management Team. Wally, YCO and YPI will work together closely to implement the commercial and marketing activity of WHY worldwide, fully exploiting its potential in the superyacht market.

“Over only eight months WHY generated exceptional media coverage and produced some very interested prospects” comments Luca Bassani, Wally President and WHY mastermind. “This unprecedented success in the yachting industry shows that WHY is a leading product requiring the best commercial management to capitalise its positioning. The goal is to sign the first contract in 2010, as originally planned, and launch the first unit in 2013”.

“We fell in love with this project for all sorts of design and environmental reasons,” says Bertrand Vogèle, CEO of the YPI Group. “It responds to a number of demands so many clients, passionate about the sea, ask of our industry. WHY can change the way we think and act as an industry and a society. We look forward to presenting WHY around the world.”

“We instantly knew that the WHY project would capture the imagination of the industry" said Gary Wright, Managing Partner of YCO. "It will enable Clients and their guests to enjoy the luxury of an extraordinarily large yacht whilst cruising almost silently in great comfort, all the time remaining considerate of the environment. YCO has always been an innovative company and we are delighted to be introducing such a revolutionary concept to the market.”

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