Wally signs a 130-foot (40-meter) super high performance cruiser

Another Wally breakthrough design is in the pipeline: the new Wally 130 recently ordered by an experienced yachtsman will be the fastest sailing yacht upwind. Featuring the water ballast combined with the trim tab lifting keel, this mega sloop is developed by Wally with the lines by Javier Soto Acebal, and the interiors by Foster and Partners.

This movable ballast combination has been selected by Wally Research & Development department to optimise safety and performance in such a large yacht: the 11-ton (24,251 lbs) water ballast improves the stability of the light displacement boat (only 84 tons - 185,200 lbs) while the 6-meter deep keel with trim tab improves the lift. The draft can be reduced to 4 meters to allow the access to ports and bays. The sail plan includes the self tacking jib for the cruising mode and the 110% jib for the racing configuration.

The deck is similar to that of the Wally 143 currently under construction: it is characterized by the bulwark leaving the hull lines pure while offering more privacy and protection. Furthermore, in the Wally 130 the bulwark amidships hosts on both sides part of the water tanks (the remaining extends down below).

The layout recalls a city loft building: like in the Wally 143, it is a continuous uncluttered area, a sort of a huge open cockpit. In fact, there are no social areas already defined for specific uses but the whole deck can be lived anywhere and anyway according to the different moments, requirements and mood thanks to the movable components similar to those of the 118 WallyPower aft cockpit. The stern features the so-called Terrace on the sea.

The loft concept characterises the interiors as well: below deck, the layout features an aft space opening into the Terrace on the sea that uniquely includes the ownerโ€™s night area and the living area. The rest of the accommodation is for two guests in a double cabin and six crew in four cabins. All cabins have en-suites. The dining area includes the galley and is used by the owners and guests and as a crew mess.

As a result, the contemporary and essential interior styling and finishing is the same throughout the interiors, with no distinction from the owner-guest to the crew-service areas. The Wally 130 is built at WallyEurope shipyard in Fano, Italy, with the latest advanced composite technology using pre-preg carbon. The delivery date is scheduled in January 2008.



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