WallyCento P100 concept unveiled by Philippe Briand

Philippe Briand Naval Architecture and Yacht Designs have released a new concept design for the WallyCento racing class. The P100’s design benefits from Briand’s personal experience as a professional sailor and renowned superyacjt designer.

The P100 has been designed specifically with regatta racing in mind, and fits well into Wally Yacht’s competitive fleet of sailing yachts. Briand’s team adjusted the exsisting platform slightly by designing a lower freeboard and narrower beam resulting in a 2 ton difference from the upper limit dictated by class rules, and is expected to be 20 seconds a mile faster that reference yacht S/Y Magic Carpet.

“We considered the merits of each element in the P100 design, using technological advancements and through analysis to create a truly unique concept. The combination of technical enhancements and design features results in a beautiful project that promises top competitive performances,” said Philippe Briand on his evolution of this design.

By Charl van Rooy



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